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What are the USES for road isolation barriers
Publish Time2017.11.08Views

The road isolation barrier can not only effectively change the direction of the vehicle, prevent the vehicle from going out, or enter into the lane to minimize the damage to the occupant. It not only plays a role in isolation, but also plays an important role in traffic flow and safety.
Use of road fence
1. Used in the middle of the road
A guardrail set in the central divider of the highway to prevent runaway vehicles from crossing the central divider to enter into the lane and to protect the construction of the central divider.
2. Used on both sides of the road
A guardrail on the road side of the road to prevent runaway vehicles from getting out of control or colliding with other structures and other facilities.
Characteristics of the road isolation barrier
The road isolation barrier has the characteristics of anti-collision, which is to prevent the protection object of guardrail from crashing through the guardrail area to cause loss and improve safety. It is not only beautiful and novel, easy to install, safe and reliable, and the price is favorable.
Guardrail series classification are: solar glare fence, galvanized steel police, municipal road isolation guardrail, pedestrian road guardrail, center for motor and non-motor vehicle isolation guardrail, road isolation guardrail, with billboard road isolation guardrail, river safety barrier, grass flower bed guardrail, etc.
Municipal road isolation guardrail specifications complete, variety, can choose height, color arbitrarily. It is suitable for the separation of highway, highway, highway and Toll Gate.
The road guardrail is widely used in municipal engineering, road, factory, development zone, garden square and other places of safety protection and decoration beautification.
Also can be used in the community, courtyard, villa, its line is fluent, concise and beautiful, rich and rich modern breath, let the area green color, let the courtyard have the brightness, let the villa have the high grade of The Times.
Its products are beautiful and solid, with good corrosion resistance, simple installation, easy maintenance, easy cleaning, economical and practical, free of maintenance, beautiful structure, and good coordination with the environment. It is the first choice to beautify urban environmental engineering!