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Company: black flag guardrail wuxi co. LTD
Contact: manager sun
Hand machine: 13921191058
Telephone: 0510-88272901
Address: no. 38, chunhua road international garden, xinwu district, wuxi city, jiangsu province

Company profile

Black flag guardrail wuxi company formerly known as wuxi kaidi, technology co., LTD., professional committed to the r&d and production of anti-corrosion guardrail products, the company has introduced the golden horse technology fully automatic CNC electrostatic spraying line, Switzerland, Japan OTC automatic welding robot, automatic cutting, automatic stamping, automatic packaging and other advanced production lines, built the environmental protection intelligent modern production workshop, the company production base is located in the beautiful taihu lake in suzhou wujiang area, the main products are fence railing, balcony guardrail, stair railing, traffic fence, mesh fence, shutters, industrial doors, villa doors and electronic fence and relevant similar products. It is widely used in factories, residential buildings, schools, municipal roads and other relevant places.
Black flag is an excellent team with high cohesion and tacit coordination, which is the core culture of "good faith service every customer". Establish a development enterprise with "strong and unyielding spirit"; Management with "attention to detail"; Work as a working philosophy of "being diligent, honest and honest". The principle of enterprise is "to be human". Cooperate with black flag to achieve win-win situation.